Cajun is a Swiss-English producer and DJ that is now based in France. Born into a family of musicians and artists, from a very young age he started experimenting with instruments and then electronic production, music quickly became the driving passion in his life. Over many years he explored the depths of melody, groove, and trance, crossing many styles and emotions, free from the restraints of genres and codes.

It was an entirely selfish endeavour, a primal need for creative expression through the medium of sound, almost exclusively for his ears alone. But in 2021, after more than 10 years of electronic music production he decided to focus his energy into creating a liveset to share with the dancefloor. This new branch of his music fell loosely into the Psytechno category, with a focus on intricate melodies, deep groovy basslines and hypnotic funky percussion and rhythms. He searches to ensnare his audience in a profoundly introspective trance, with evolving loops of distorted electronic waves, encompassing both light and darkness.