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Label : Ethereal Decibel Records

Nibana is the psychedelic music project of Kevin B, a French producer born and raised in France.
Greatly influenced by Pink Floyd, Tool, Aphex Twin and many more, from the age of 10 years Kevin started self-taught production by practicing all the instruments he could find and create all kind of music styles without limitations.
From the creation of a metal band to his electronic project Nibana in 2012, many influences can be found in Live-Acts. From his Chillout side (Psybient / Downtempo) : deep and melodic, his PsyBass side : stomping and glitched, his total opposite Psytrance project with industrial fxs surounded by stygian and cinematic atmospheres and melodies, to his brand new dark, futuristic and progressive project Amortalist signed on the renowned label Zenon Records.
He already had the opportunity to play on international parties & festivals and had worked with multiple respected and renowned artists of the psychedelic scene.