Pepe’s Bodega
Label : Muimina Sounds

Stockholm outskirts, mid-February 2013. It’s 4am, in a giant barn; walls are vibrating by a pounding, experimental sound through a massive sound system. Nimbus, a young aspiring producer and sound engineer, has just had his head blown off by one of the invited DJ’s and desperately needs to find him to tell him how much he « loved those groovy bass lines, man ». Now a distant, humorous memory, this was the first stumbling encounter, and where the seed was planted to a deep brotherhood and musical partnership that is Pepe’s Bodega.

Since 2016 Nimbus and Don Pepe have routinely met up in the studio to translate their transcendental life experiences into words and sound. Influenced by nature and its medicine, various religious and philosophical traditions and a bottomless library of musical history, they love exploring new territories with their music. Slick yet emotive, their sound is aimed for an adventurous dancefloor.