Label : Stereo Society / Ethereal Decibel Records

Vegan Cake, aka Arnaud Constant, emerged in the psytrance scene 13 years ago, initially as a Darkpsy DJ under labels Bhooteshwara Records and Wild 7 Records. In 2020, Vegan Cake shifted to progressive psytrance, joining Stereo Society alongside artists like Freedom Fighters, Dekel, Modus, ON3, Martian Arts, GMS, Pixel, and many other talented artists. 

In his current DJ sets, Vegan Cake seamlessly blends deep & raw progressive psytrance with elements of techno, acid, breakbeat, and early trance, presenting a style that transcends conventional boundaries. 

Besides his artistic career, in 2012, he founded Ethereal Decibel Company, orchestrating outdoor and club events. In 2016, he co-created the Ethereal Decibel Festival, which has since become a major French psytrance festival.